September 1, 2021

A Beginner’s Guide to Using CBD Oil for Treatment of Chronic Joint Pain

With the passing of the Farmer’s Bill, industrial hemp became legal to use in 2018. This led to an almost explosive use of CBD or cannabidiol to treat health ailments in a lot of spheres of the medical world. This is because people had been eagerly waiting for a natural alternative to the otherwise allopathic medicines for quite a while now. Whether it be by using CBD oil to heal chronic joint pain or munching on some CBD gummies for mental stress relief, CBD became a well-known effective treatment for pain, inflammation, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and other such issues.

For a beginner, however, it is not always clear how they should take CBD to treat their pains or health concerns. Here is a guide to help them come up with a good and effective plan to use CBD oil to treat their chronic joint pain in particular.

What Is Chronic Joint Pain?

Providing an accurate description of chronic joint pain would be rather difficult because it is caused due to a lot of reasons. To name a few Gout, Bursitis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Lyme borreliosis, etc. are leading causes of chronic joint pain in most people.

Almost one in every four people suffers from an extreme pain in their joints, making it a big health concern worldwide. This is why the importance of using CBD to treat these issues was realized as the continuous use of chemical allopathic treatments had a lot of side effects.

How Do We Know CBD Oil Is Effective for Chronic Joint Pain?

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Why should you believe us when we say CBD oil helps manage chronic joint pain? Let us substantiate our claim in a more comprehensive and detailed manner.

CBD is one of the 100+ identified cannabinoids that is extracted from the resinous flower of the cannabis plant. It receives signals, mostly chemical ones from different stimuli of your body, and helps your cells in responding to it whenever you consume it. These responses create anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects making it an effective pain management treatment. As per official sources, this aspect of CBD aiding in pain relief has been found to be true. Many studies have been cited in these articles and the conclusion is almost always the same, yes CBD or CBD oil can be an effective treatment for chronic joint pain.

How to Use CBD Oil to Treat Chronic Joint Pain?

CBD is available both in liquid and powder form, which is used to make creams and oils which can then be applied to the afflicted area of pain directly. It can also be taken in other ways in the form of capsules or oral sprays. It is best for you as a patient to first consult a medical marijuana doctor from recognized online clinics or offline ones near your home to find the perfect MMJ solution to your pains and troubles.

Another important factor here is to be completely aware about the laws regarding medical marijuana and whether it is even legal to use in that particular state. To treat different joint pains in different people with different body compositions, only highly personalized CBD dosing schedules would be effective. No disorder affects every person in the same way hence it becomes a priority to first understand the level of tolerance of each individual and then focus on the attainable effective goal for the body.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

As established before, different bodies require different dosage levels as per the desired effects of CBD on the body. Hence, giving a particular dosage suggestion to everyone, in general, would be considered quite controversial. For a beginner, it is advised to practice the intake of CBD in small doses of either 5 mg or 10 mg for a week and then a week’s interval to understand how it works for you. Then gradually you can increase the dosage and accordingly plan out how to consume CBD oil for the long-term treatment of your chronic joint pain. It is an entirely personal journey to which you must take a holistic approach.

Choose the CBD Formulation as per Your Need

CBD oils come in different formulations as per the cannabinoid spectrum and it is entirely up to you which one is advised to you or which company you prefer to buy it from. You need to understand each one separately to then intake it.


Full-spectrum CBD oil is generally considered to be the most effective of all spectrums and known to give the most enhanced effects. These oils contain CBD, THC, and other beneficial natural compounds. To be legal in the USA however the THC levels need to be under 0.3%. This oil does not give any psychoactive effects so there is no possibility for you to feel “high”. There is however a possibility of you failing a drug test if you are taking a slightly higher dosage of this oil to treat your pain. This oil also creates the ‘entourage effect’ where all the health benefits of the cannabinoids will be felt as all the phytochemicals will work together for it.


Broad-spectrum CBD oils contain CBD and some other cannabinoids but no THC. Even if there is no THC in this spectrum oil, the entourage effect does come into play. People who are worried about failing the drug test due to the full-spectrum CBD oil can go for broad-spectrum or CBD isolates instead. While these oils might not return positive, there are certain tests where this might fail as well. It is then advisable for you to talk to your physician first if it is a matter of your job being on the line.

CBD Isolate

Products that are CBD isolates, only contain CBD. They are considered to be the purest form of CBD because all other cannabinoids or other such natural components are removed during the extraction process. Products like CBD gummies are usually made of 99% pure CBD isolates.

Out of these 3 CBD formulations, you can choose the CBD oil with any of these formulations keeping in mind the type of effect you want in the body.

Possible CBD Oil Side Effects and Drug Interactions

As per reliable government websites who have researched the possible side effects of CBD, have come to the conclusion that it does not have any major side effects or a toxic overdosing possibility. The only extreme reactions that it might instigate in cases of extreme consumption would be in the form of dizziness, low blood pressure, and drowsiness.

However, it is advisable for you to not test this theory out and only consume as much as is necessary for you to treat your pain.

As for the drug interactions, it is extremely rare that any medication would directly react with CBD and create some problems for you. However, when you take CBD oil it is advisable to not eat grapefruits, as it is known to increase the overall effect of any medication it is eaten alongside with.

Final Thoughts

The world of medicine has seen a massive change with the introduction of CBD and other natural cannabis extracts which help in treating many health disorders. What we need to do is to open our mind to the infinite possibilities of it. Also as the world is gradually accepting it, we need to make sure we are aware of the recent changes that keep happening in regards to this.

As a CBD beginner if you’ve decided to give it a try, be slow and low with its dosage and follow the steps mentioned above. This will help you in benefiting the most and having the perfect desired effects in your body.

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