September 28, 2021

CBD Dosage Guide: How Much CBD Should I Take?

CBD or Cannabidiol has completely overtaken the world of medicine due to its many stunning therapeutic benefits while treating chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety disorders, insomnia etc. The medicinal possibilities of using CBD are innumerable and this makes it a worthy and reliable form of treatment. One major aspect which still confuses many users and patients of CBD is ‘how much CBD to take’ on which there has been constant back and forth deliberations.

What is the confusion about?
With the mainstream use of CBD to treat many health disorders, a need to specify the amount of dosage has been realized. There are so many available products in the market, in all forms and in all consistencies including gels, oils, vaping products, gummies, creams and much more which complicates the matter of dosage for the new and old patients and users. Here is a guide that will help you in pinpointing your right dosage and curating a proper and effective dosing schedule to treat your disorder.

Major Factors That Will Decide How Much CBD to Take and for What

Taking CBD is not a matter of choice or opinion, the whole schedule has to be created keeping in mind a lot of factors. Where the first advice for anyone trying to allot a proper CBD dosage for themselves is to go slow and low and start with as much as 5, 10 or at the most 20 mgs, there are other important factors too that play a key role in deciding the proper dosage. What are these factors and how do they influence the CBD dosage for you? Let us understand.

Body Tolerance Level

The body tolerance level of people differs from one to another. Biological factors like body weight, height, age, sex and overall health of a person are significant factors that will decide how your body responds to CBD and how much is enough for the desired result. So for this, the best course of action is to start from a very small dosage and check if any effects are felt by the user. Generally it is found that people with greater heights and physical stature need a little higher CBD dosage to feel the health effects whereas an old person or someone smaller in height would require a lower dosage.

Access Your Sensitivity Levels

Sometimes irrespective of the body tolerance levels, one individual can be more immune to the effects as compared to another average human with a similar body build. The metabolism power of an individual will also decide the right dosage for anyone who wants to feel the effects of CBD in their body to treat a particular health concern. Start with a very low dosage and keep noting down the effects, this is the surest method of coming up with the right dosage plan.
Consider the Disorder Being Treated
There are many reasons for which a person goes for medical marijuana solutions. If you have decided to consume CBD it must be to treat one or a couple of health problems like chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, epilepsy, insomnia, etc. Hence, what should always be kept in mind while coming up with a dosage level is the disorder being treated and this urgency will ultimately uphold the seriousness of this factor.

Always to Consult a Professional

The best thing that any user or patient can do is consult a valid medical marijuana doctor online or offline and receive a recommendation. During the consultation the patient can ask any and all questions and clear all doubts regarding the use of medical cannabis to treat their disorders. These doctors will then help in recommending the right amount of dosage. It is almost as easy as it sounds.

Method of Administering the CBD Dosage

After discussing the factors that affect the decision of the amount of CBD dosage for any person, it is also important to mention the method of administration. This factor indirectly influences the CBD dosage as it directly affects the effects of CBD on the body of the consumer. Whether the desired results will be felt within a matter of minutes or will it take a few hours, all of this depends on the method of administration.

Inhalation: Smoking and Vaping

If you decide to smoke or vape any CBD product chances are that you will feel the effects within a matter of a few minutes. The quickest way for CBD to enter the bloodstream is via this inhalation process. As it is the fastest way, it is also known to be quite effective. So be vigilant when administering your dosage via an inhalation process as it gives the effects quite fast and there is no particular amount of CBD that can be calculated in each puff.

Orally: Edibles

The relatively safer option for people to consume CBD is via edibles like gummies and such. Munching on gummies is considered to be a healthier option for people who are treating some long term issues inside their body and they don’t want immediate results. Edibles take a good hour or two to completely break down and give its effects however they are undoubtedly effective. Also it is always easy to monitor the amount of dosage and thus this is an advisable form of administration especially for beginners.

Sublingually: Oils and Tinctures

Oil and tinctures are consumed by people sublingually, that is by placing it under the tongue of the user. This is another super fast and super effective way of consuming CBD. The mucous membranes absorb CBD and give the effects to the patients quite fast and the best part is, you will know the exact amount of CBD in each drop. Hence this is the most popular method of administration that people go for.

Topical Application: Creams, Lotions, Bath Bombs, and Lube

Topically consuming CBD is via the pores of the skin when the product is either rubbed or applied on the affected area. Where it is easy for people to administer their dosage they don’t exactly know the exact amount of CBD their body is absorbing which could be an issue. However it is not dangerous at all because the strength of CBD in topical applicators isn’t super high so it is relatively safer and reliable to use.


Deciding the right dosage of CBD is quite a complex and difficult task because it varies and entirely depends on personal factors. However for a good idea it is safe to say that a beginner can start the dosage from really small doses of say 5, 10 mgs or at most 20 mgs and after testing the effects they feel, they can now create a proper schedule.

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