May 5, 2021

5 CBD For the People Products You Must Try

Today, a majority of people use CBD products as part of their daily routine for the therapeutic benefits they provide. As with all medical products, it is essential to choose high-quality CBD products.                   

CBD For the People is a well-known CBD brand that prides itself on offering affordable and premium products. The ethos of the brand lies in the name. They are not in the business for the money but to help people find holistic health solutions which is why their products are priced reasonably.                                                   

The reputation of CBD For the People precedes them. Though the FDA does not guarantee the quality and safety of CBD products, it has the authority to reprimand companies that break any norms or make unsubstantiated health claims. While several brands have received warning letters from the Food and Drug Administration, CBD For the People is not one of them. This suggests that the brand is reputable and works under a legal framework.              

Based in Irvine, California, they source their hemp from organic farms from across the country. These plants then go through a CO2 extraction process to produce CBD oil. While most brands use different extraction methods to achieve the precipice of refinement, CBD For the People (CBD FTP) believes in the concept of unrefinery and rawness. Hence the motto, “If it ain’t raw, it ain’t right.”

Let’s have a look at the best CBD For the People buys:                     

Dark CBD Oil Tincture

The dark CBD oil tincture by CBD For the People comes in different strengths and variations. You can choose the lowest strength starting at 300 mg or go as high as 7200 mg depending upon your personal requirements. 

As for the quality of the product, the company uses organic compounds only. They believe in the concept of unrefined CBD tincture because the more one refines a product, the more it loses its nutrients. With that concept in mind, CBD For the People develops tinctures by combining the nutrients alongside cannabinoids to get a product that is raw in nature and true to its quality.                         

The dark, unrefined, solvent and chemical-free CBD oil tincture blends seamlessly with coconut MCT oil and other organic compounds. It has a natural tea-like flavor with no added PG/VG or chemical solvents.

CBD Hemp Flower

CBD Hemp Flower

The CBD hemp flower by CBD For the People comes in nugs or pre-rolled joints. The flower can be mixed into tinctures, added to edibles, or smoked directly. Available at just $34.99 it is a steal.    

The flower is a perfectly balanced Wine Widow strain that boasts high levels of CBD content topping at about 27%. And when smoked, the flower produces a pleasant aroma providing an enriching experience.   

Their nugs come in two sizes – 4 grams and 8 grams that are packaged air-tight to ensure the quality and consistency of the flower. The flower does not cause any euphoric effects. It is grown and processed to ensure that people get all the medicinal benefits of hemp without experiencing any psychoactive effects. 

As for the quality of the flower, anyone can examine the same by pulling out a nug and looking it in the light. If you see thousands of tiny crystals glistening, the flower is top-shelf.                

Gummy Noids (Dark Full-Spectrum Gummies)

Keeping the motto (if it ain’t raw, it ain’t right) intact, the Dark Full-Spectrum Gummies is another product that contains only raw and organic products. You can buy 24 pieces of gummies in three delicious flavors – fresh mango, ripe watermelon, and raw strawberry. Because the gummies are cube-shaped and vegan, they are best suited for everyone. You can choose the flavor that best suits you and slice one gummy into two pieces as per your CBD tolerance capacity.                   

Gummy Noids are a slice of deliciousness, but that doesn’t mean it lacks health benefits. They have the full spectrum benefits of all the cannabinoids and naturally occurring ingredients. You will find that even the bottle label reads that these gummies contain unrefined, dark hemp, along with the extracts of terpenes, cannabinoids, and phytonutrients.                               

We suggest that you take either 1 or 2 gummies as needed after a heavy lunch or breakfast for better results. Adjust the dosage to half or one gummy per day if required. You can also test your tolerance level to check whether a certain dose suits your health and well-being or not.                                                                                                           

CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD Vape Cartridges

CBD For the People’s unadulterated vape cartridges provides an eccentric organic CBD vaping experience like nothing else. Most vape cartridges available in the market today are cut with hemp oil, MCT, and other chemical carriers. CBD For the People’s products are different. They do not follow the market norm. 

Their cartridges are uncut offering a pure and 100% additive-free vaping experience with max potency. Every ingredient used is raw and grown from the earth. This means the product needs extra care but the quality it offers is unparalleled. Also, these cartridges are compatible with almost all the batteries with a button. 

The reviews suggest that the vape cartridges have a relaxing and calming effect on the user. Some really like its taste while others not so much. Essentially, that is a matter of personal choice. In case you have any concerns regarding the quality of the product, you can check the third-party lab reports that are published on their website. 

Dark Unrefined CBD Salve

The dark Unrefined Salve collection by CBD For the People falls under the topicals bracket. Well known for its therapeutic properties people often report that CBD topicals are beneficial in alleviating pain and inflammation. The salve’s are available in two CBD concentrations – 600 mg (Strong) and  1,200 mg (Stronger). 

The brand’s most widely acknowledged salve is FTP Dark Salve (600 mg). The only difference is that it comes in different flavors. You can choose from the icy menthol to the refreshing lemongrass and therapeutic tea tree flavors.                      

The Dark Refined CBD Salve is composed of 100% organic components. If you look at the label of the product, you will find that the product consists of 100% full-spectrum CBD, coconut oil as a base, shea butter, and organic candelilla vegan wax. More vitally, CBD FTP uses only organic components. This means you don’t have to worry about any chemical solvents or VG/PG.      

You can apply it directly to the area for better results. The product will penetrate deep into the skin layers without mixing in the blood and provide maximum benefits within the first few hours. You can also reapply the salve if needed but we suggest that you must seek a professional opinion if you’re not sure about treating your medical condition with CBD. 

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