July 9, 2021

Reading a CBD Label [Steps You Should Follow]

You read an article or watch a Youtube video about CBD’s health benefits, and decide to try it. You Google “CBD store near me”, get a list of stores, and choose the best one. You visit the store and find a wide range of options in CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, etc. there.

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So, what to buy? To choose the right product, reading the labels is important. This will help you get detailed information about a CBD product’s ingredients, extraction method, etc.

In today’s post, we are going to shed light on how to read a CBD label. Let’s start.

CBD Label Requirements

CBD products aren’t regulated by the FDA. There are not any strict licensing requirements for manufacturers. However, manufacturers should follow the CBD label guidelines.

In 2019, the FDA has sent warning letters to companies selling CBD-infused products making false claims.

So, when purchasing CBD products, make sure you read the label carefully. Most importantly, choose a reputable brand.

Tips to Read a CBD Label

Check The Source

CBD is a cannabinoid found in both hemp and cannabis plants. Hemp-derived CBD products contain less than 0.3 percent THC, which is the allowed limit according to the Farm Bill.

Studies have shown that CBD’s effects depend on the growing conditions of cannabis/hemp plants. So, when buying CBD products, make sure you check the source. And, prefer buying CBD obtained from US-grown cannabis or hemp plants.

Additionally, don’t forget to check whether the CBD product is a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. Here’s what does that mean-

Full-spectrum CBD

CBD products that contain other cannabinoids, terpenes, including THC

Broad-spectrum CBD

CBD-infused products containing other cannabinoids, but no THC.

CBD isolate

Pure CBD with no cannabinoids or terpenes

Dosing Guidelines

No doubt dosing is important when using CBD to improve your health. Taking too much may lead to side effects.

The first step to dose CBD is to find out what’s one dose of CBD or how many doses are there in a bottle.

See the label and you can easily find how many mgs of CBD in the bottle, serving size, and other details. What’s one mg? It’s one-thousandth part of a gram.

The serving size can help you learn the amount of CBD per serving. This way, you can easily dose CBD based on your medical needs.

Many believe that 10mg of CBD is a standard dose. But, there’s no standard dosing formula. And, your appropriate dose may vary depending on your medical condition, body weight, consumption methods, etc.

Other Things You Should Check

Manufacturing Date

As the name suggests, the manufacturing date helps you learn when a particular product was manufactured. Clearly, you don’t want to buy expired products. Many experts believe that using expired CBD won’t provide you full therapeutic effects.

CBD Flowers

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If you are buying CBD flowers, prefer fresh ones. CBD-infused edibles & tinctures should be consumed within a few weeks.

License Number

As per state regulations, registered manufacturers need to put their license numbers on the labels. This can help consumers ensure that they are buying genuine products.

The FDA has already warned some manufacturers who were illegally marketing their cannabidiol products.


Different CBD products contain different ingredients and go through different manufacturing processes. Thus, they have different tastes and medicinal effects.

So, before buying any CBD product, make sure you check what’s inside it. Many manufacturers add flavors, additives, thickeners, etc. to their CBD products. Gummies usually contain colors and flavors. Tinctures often contain spirits, glycerine, or other oils. So, you should avoid purchasing them.

Warning Signs

Don’t forget this. CBD can interact with various drugs. For instance, it’s advisable not to take CBD if you are taking medications that come with a grapefruit warning.

So, always check the warning signs before buying any CBD oils, tinctures, or edibles. 

Third-Party Test Results

Third-party tests verify the accuracy of what manufacturers claim. So, you should always buy CBD products that are tested by third-party labs.

You can find third-party test results on the company’s official website. If you didn’t find them, you can talk to their customer service executives.

Apart from these details, you should check contact information, such as website, customer service numbers. This will help you do complete research about a particular product and make informed choices.

Many products have square barcodes, which assure product quality. You can scan them using your smartphone device, and download the test results.

Quick Tips to Use CBD

  • Dose CBD properly. Start with a low dose (let’s say 5mg of CBD) and note the results. If you need more, take another dose and so on.
  • Avoid mixing CBD with other medications. This may cause negative effects.
  • Try different methods to consume CBD and choose the best ones

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Covering it up, reading a CBD label is important so that you know what you are buying. Check the list of ingredients and a total number of mgs of CBD in a bottle. Read the serving guidelines carefully so that you can dose CBD appropriately to receive full therapeutic effects. Never mix CBD with other medications. 

Visit a reputable CBD store near me to buy high-quality CBD edibles, oils, tinctures, etc. 

Have any questions related to using CBD? Start a conversation in the comments.

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