September 3, 2021

Is Organic Hemp Oil Worth the Hype?

Hemp oil is an oil extracted from hemp or industrial hemp, a variety of the cannabis Sativa plant grown for industrial use. It received its legalization status in the USA in the year 2018. Since then, organic hemp oil came into regular use and as it contains only CBD and no amount of THC, it provided several health benefits without giving any psychoactive effects to the user.

So, Is Organic Hemp Oil Worth the Hype or Not?

This question often arises in the minds of the users who try organic hemp oil to treat their chronic pains, or to get the benefits it offers in the treatment of skin or hair conditions. Hemp contains properties that can reduce the risk of severe cases of Alzeihmer’s, cardiovascular problems, inflammation, etc. In addition to this, hemp oil also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fats along with all nine amino acids which leads to the production of proteins in the body.

So to answer the question in simple and easy words, yes, organic hemp oil is definitely worth the hype due to the multiple benefits it provides to the body when you use it daily. But what you need to ensure while using it is the quality of the organic hemp oil.

How to Find Quality Organic Hemp Oil?

If you want to try quality hemp oil a few parameters have to be kept in mind which will not just ensure that the product you are buying is good but also give you the full experience and enhanced effects of this oil.

Organic hemp oil test image

Third-Party Testing

There are multiple ways in which it can be found out whether the hemp oil is indeed pure and gives all the benefits it promises to the users. Before buying a particular organic hemp oil make a point to check the potency, pesticide, microbiological and residual solvents testing, and terpene profiling to help determine the quality of the product. A little digging to ensure the product is the best makes sense and ensures the right hemp oil experience and ultimate benefits.

Full Spectrum

Full-spectrum organic hemp oil takes all the nutritive parts of the hemp plant which makes it a potent and good quality product. A full spectrum oil will also help in providing the many benefits of all the various components that it is composed of giving an enhanced effect to the user.

CO2/ Clean Extraction Process

The manner of extraction of the hemp oil from the plant also makes a difference in the quality of the oil. To obtain a higher concentration of hemp oil extract for a potent oil product the extraction solvent will have to be one that will help maintain it. This becomes a very important factor as the potency of the product is directly dependent on the extraction solvent.

USDA Certification

A USDA certification is a representation of a certified good quality product. Only a handful of all hemp products are able to get this certification which means that any hemp oil with this stamp will be of the utmost quality.

Country of Origin

Country of origin is an important deciding factor in the quality of hemp oil that you have. Each soil has its unique properties and compositions as well as toxins that would possibly be sprayed on it to aid the growth of the hemp plant. Hence, the country of origin will always tell you about the quality of the final oil product.

Hemp Extract or Cannabidiol Oil

So if you want to be sure that it is a good quality product, a mark at the back or on the ingredient list itself will tell you what percentage of CBD is present in it or what percentage of hemp extract is there. This becomes a valid informant of the quality of the hemp oil you’re using.

What Makes Organic Hemp Oil Worth the Hype?

Which industries do the use of organic hemp oil directly affect and how, this has been covered below.

Organic Hemp Oil for Beauty

Hemp oil is a known treatment for many beauty-related issues. It helps in moisturizing the skin, by regulating oil production but also ensures that you do not end up with clogged pores. As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it will heal and soothe the skin so that you don’t break out often, while also making sure that your skin isn’t dry or itchy. The most worthwhile out of the beauty benefits organic hemp oil provides is the anti-aging property. It provides the extra acids to nourish the skin, like Vitamin A, C, E, and F, which in the long run enhances skin health and slows down the aging process.

Organic Hemp Oil for Hair

Treating hair-related issues has also become easy with the use of this organic hemp oil. It moisturizes the scalp when you massage it gently with your fingers. The dry and itchy scalp will feel the benefits of this oil eventually. The moisturized hair will naturally stay healthier and shinier and also become longer and stronger. A single benefit leads to an amalgamation of a lot of other benefits which are a direct result of it.

Organic Hemp Oil for Chronic Pain Relief

Hemp oil has a lot of natural compounds in it which makes it an effective pain relief oil product for many. Many studies have suggested that it can relieve chronic pain if used daily or regularly. As new research takes place, more information regarding the pain-relieving effect of organic hemp oil keeps getting highlighted which in turn contributes to its excessive usage and popularization.

Final Thoughts

The hype for any product or compound is only generated after people experience the effectiveness of the said product and share it with their friends. This creates a huge demand in the market which overall increases the discussions around the subject, creating a whole hype effect. Without confusing you further we just want to reiterate that the hype for organic hemp oil is valid due to the splendid experiences that people have had while using it.

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