June 29, 2021

What Is Nano CBD? Should You Buy It?

Wherever I go, I always look for places where I can explore and buy CBD near me. That’s because the industry doesn’t seem to slow down. There’s always a new product to try and a new and enhanced technology that makes CBD more effective. Nano CBD is one of those new technologies that claim to offer a better experience than your regular CBD or hemp oil.

If you are a CBD enthusiast, you may have heard about nano CBD products one way or the other. It’s a raging trend that’s popular, as well as a subject of scrutiny for some. But, we’ll try to clear the air today. 

So, let’s dive into the details of nano CBD and try to reach a conclusion of whether or not you should try it.

What is Nano CBD?

Many of you must have reached here to find a more easier explanation of nano CBD after going through all the information on the internet filled with the technical terms that goes above your head. 

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So, here’s a simpler explanation. Nano CBD is your normal CBD but of a smaller size. The name itself makes this point pretty clear. We are talking about one-billionth of a meter. That’s not all. Nano CBD also presents some additions that make it slightly better than regular CBD. And just like CBD, nano CBD also has full-spectrum and broad-spectrum varieties. 

But, the question remains, why do they need to make CBD this small? And how does it improve the effectiveness of CBD oil? The answer lies in the evolution of CBD into nano CBD. 

How Is Nano CBD Different From CBD?

The entire existence of nano CBD revolves around the fact that it has a slight edge over regular CBD oil. It is more bioavailable and works faster in the body. So, what changes are made in CBD to turn it into the more effective nano CBD?

First, understand that CBD is hydrophobic. In simple words, it doesn’t mix with water. Due to the hydrophobic nature, when you consume CBD oil, it does not mix in with the membranes in your oral cavity which is essentially water. So, a consumer has to wait until it is digested and ready for absorption. 

But, nano CBD solves this problem. Certain processes turn CBD into a water-soluble molecule to allow better and quicker absorption through the membranes. You can even call it a form of emulsified CBD.

So, how is CBD made water-soluble?

The first step is reducing the size and making nano CBD drops. It is made using high-quality ultrasonic equipment that separate the CBD molecules and turn them into smaller or nanoparticles which can then be encapsulated in a micelle, liposomes or other forms of fatty emulsifiers. This process turns CBD into an emulsion. 

The result? CBD can now easily be included in water and beverages in a very uniform way. Now, it’s time to think whether or not you should try nano CBD. 

Should You Try Nano CBD?

Now that you have a basic idea about nano CBD, it’s time to take a walk through all the advantages of this miracle particle and how to be careful when buying nano CBD products. 

Benefits of Nano CBD

The biggest benefit of nano CBD is that it increases the bioavailability of the molecule. With nano-encapsulation, CBD has a higher absorption rate in the body which makes it more effective even when consumed at a smaller amount. 

Generally, about 90% of the CBD consumed orally is never absorbed by the body. That’s right, there goes a lot of CBD down the drain. But, with nano CBD, the absorption rate can increase by 50 to 90 percent. The tiny droplets also increase the surface area thereby contributing in improving the absorption rate. 

Also, as we’ve discussed already, nano CBD is water-soluble. So, it is easily absorbed by the blood membranes in the oral cavity. This allows the CBD molecules to bypass the digestive system and reach the bloodstream almost instantly. And while the nano CBD particles are easily absorbed, they are released slowly into the system and therefore make it last long. 

The final result is a product that helps you achieve the beneficial effects faster than regular CBD formulations. You can use nano CBD to achieve all the medicinal and therapeutic properties associated with CBD. The effects, however, will be quicker and long-lasting

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Tips to Buy Nano CBD Products

While nano CBD has a lot of supporters, there are also several skeptics that are not completely supportive of such products. The skepticism is more towards the brands and the products rather than the technology. 

Nano CBD can deliver quicker and long-lasting effects than CBD but the effects will stand true only if the brands are delivering high-quality products. So, if you are interested in trying nano CBD, it’s very important that you are careful about the brand and verify that every claim on the label matches the products inside. Here are a few tips that can help you choose:

  • Check the quality of the hemp extract. Prefer brands that use organically grown hemp and are transparent about the production process. 
  • Always look for the certificate of analysis. 
  • Read the labels properly. Nano CBD in itself is not an ingredient. Make sure that the fatty emulsifier and other ingredients are clearly mentioned on the label. 
  • Don’t be hasty. Take time to check the website and reviews to ensure that you buy the best product. 

Now that you are familiar with the latest trend of nano CBD, do you think it’s worth a try? If yes, then start looking for a CBD store near you today!

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