March 28, 2020

What Are The Best Cannabis Strains For Chronic Pain

Cannabis Strains For Chronic Pain

Marijuana has a wide range of health benefits, of which one is natural pain relief. There’s scientific evidence that chemical compounds in the herb can help in relieving various types of pain, such as nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain, and central pain.

Various factors impact cannabis’ effects on the body, and one is the type of strains you consume. In other words, to alleviate your symptoms completely, make sure you get the right strains. Here’s a list of the best marijuana strains for chronic pain sufferers.

Blue Dream

A sativa-dominant hybrid, which has amazing pain-relieving properties. It can also help in reducing anxiety and depression, the two major medical health conditions linked to chronic pain. This cannabis strain contains high THC (17-24%) and low CBD (0.1-0.2%) content.

It provides full-body relaxation and euphoria effects without causing heavy sedative effects. That’s why it’s considered a popular daytime strain by chronic pain patients. Blue Dream flavors are—herbal, pine, and peppery.

White Widow

Drives from South American Sativa and South Indian Indica, White Widow is one of the most popular cannabis strains worldwide. It has ultimate uplifting, euphoria and energy-boosting properties. Other benefits are increased creativity levels and reduced social anxiety. Many use it for stimulating appetite, reducing anxiety and depression. White Widow’s flowering time is 60 days indoors. Its flavors are—herbal, peppery, and citrus.


This CBD-rich strain provides relaxation and uplifting effects. Harlequin is found beneficial for treating pain and managing symptoms of anxiety. It contains 4-7% THC and 8-16% CBD content. The high-CBD content helps in counteracting the psychoactive effects. Those who want to relieve pain without experiencing high and sedative effects can use this strain. Harlequin flavors are—herbal, pine, and peppery.

Blackberry Kush

It’s a heavy-THC dominant strain, which is a mix of Blackberry and Afghani strains. It has dark purple buds and has a flowering time of 7-8 weeks. Due to its strong pain-relieving effects, experts recommend it for chronic pain patients. Moreover, it’s also recommended for treating medical conditions that affect the body’s ability to cope with anxiety and stress.

Blackberry Kush is recommended for indoor growing and has high yields. Even beginners can get up to 450g per 1000 watts.


This is another high-CBD strain, which is a solution for chronic pain while delivering focused, productive effects. ACDC is also helpful for managing symptoms of conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, and negative effects of chemotherapy.

ACDC delivers amazing uplifting effects, such as euphoria and happiness. After using it, consumers may feel more focused and sociable.

To cover it up, many studies report that cannabis can help in treating chronic pain. However, it can be used as an alternative to opioids, one of the most common pain-relieving drugs. Marijuana’s effects may vary from one patient to another. Start with a low dosage, especially if you are a first-time user. There’s a wide range of strains with different levels of cannabinoids available, do comprehensive research, and buy the right strains for your medical condition.

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