October 21, 2021

The Athlete’s Guide to CBD Topicals

Being an athlete comes with the added risk of developing some form of chronic pain symptoms sooner or later in life. This isn’t something that is guaranteed for every athlete but for the majority of athletes for sure. Which is why there has been constant back and forth debate about the use of CBD or cannabidiol topicals for athletes suffering from any severe pain disorder. Products like plus cbd oil spray as well as oil drops and topical balms from well known CBD brands have been selling out like hotcakes.


This phenomenon has become mainstream and entirely too popular among the athletes of today’s age and era which is a step in the right direction. The origin for this practice can be traced back to a study which has clearly highlighted the dangerous aspect of using opioids for treating pain in young athletes. Being dependent on opioids to treat pain symptoms for athletes of all ages but for young ones in particular is without a doubt a harmful habit. This is because, at a tender age there are chances for the athlete to develop addictions or opioid misuse habits. This is why switching to the more natural and healthier medicinal ingredient derived from the resinous flower of the cannabis plants, CBD, made so much more sense.

CBD with the promise of its myriad therapeutic benefits and without any psychoactive effects became something of a game changer for the patients. To understand what CBD is and how exactly it helps the athletes with pain, let us read on.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the 110+ identified cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plants. Unlike its counterpart THC, this cannabinoid has no psychoactive effects on the user and is only known for giving the good effects to the user. These reasons are why it is the most important chemical compound in the space of medical marijuana solutions.

This ingredient is therefore best for athletes to try out to cure their extreme painful symptoms in the body, any pain ranging from a simple joint pain to any major chronic pain disorder can be alleviated with a proper scheduled dosage of CBD. The contributing factor that has led to the popularization of CBD use for anyone is the very many ways of consumption. This is why athletes have a lot of potent products like balms, topicals and creams at hand that they can use for the topical application of their CBD.

CBD Topicals for Athletes

Topical application is considered to be the best method of consumption of the recommended dosage of CBD for athletes. CBD topicals are products that are infused with CBD and can be directly applied on the source of the pain. This follows the principle of treating only the targeted area of pain with the medicine. Both pain and inflammation are two symptoms that 90% of the athletes face. To then help in the reduction of both these symptoms at the same time using only one type of product like a topical applicator proves to be an easy to use and an effective form of dissemination of the CBD medicine. Since CBD topicals are created for a targeted use and effect, it is perfect for athletes to use before, during or after a rigorous round of exercise or physical exertion.

If we stop to think about it, then even an average athlete who is not suffering from any particular pain disorder has some form of soreness or inflammation in their muscles. This can be due to either the intense workouts or high endurance exercises that they do. When the body performs a bunch of such exercises, it leads to the production of lactate in the body. This lactate is said to be responsible for all the common soreness and muscle spasms that affect any average athlete. To then treat these symptoms also, the consumption of CBD is probably the best option. It not only improves the athletic performance but also successfully removes all built up tensions by relaxing the muscles and easing out all the stress.

Hence the use of CBD topicals is suggested for the users keeping in mind all such factors. How do CBD topicals benefit the athletes and what is our final word about it, let’s find out.

How Do CBD Topicals Benefit Athletes?

Let us enlist the properties of CBD topicals that make it such a beneficial product for athletes.

Relieves Pain

The foremost benefit which has been covered throughout, has been about CBD topicals being efficient pain relievers for athletes. This is pretty evident with the number of studies done especially the one which directly links cannabidiol and sports performance. It is due to these amazing chronic pain reduction benefits of applying CBD topically that makes topicals so useful for an athlete.

Heals Skin

Another benefit of using CBD is that of healing skin which can be utilized by athletes or even a normal patient. Healing skin is important for an athlete especially for the one who undergoes quite a lot of wear and tear anywhere on their body. It is important to remember that different CBD topicals work in different ways and to then successfully heal a particular injury on the skin, calls for the complementary product which will work best for it.

Boosts Sleep

Topical CBD products like Plus CBD Oil Spray or any of Plus CBD oil drops can work quite effectively to give the athlete the relaxation that they are in desperate need of. This will then lead to the athlete to sleep well throughout the night without any pains haunting them. Night time or sleeping time is the best time for the body as it gets the chance to recover and heal on its own.

Reduces Fatigue

Soreness and muscle tensions are common problems that affect athletes. This happens due to the constant stretch and pull of different muscles in the body while undergoing some intense workout program. CBD topicals hence prove to be entirely too effective for the athletes to remove any type of fatigue that affects them.

Final Word

After presenting such a detailed guide to help the athletes with their topical CBD application, it becomes imperative to stress the significance of doing so. It is not necessary but seeing how effective it actually is, it would be criminal not to test it out even once.


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